Why Anavar Is the Safest Steroid for Women

Oxandrolone or Anavar is a popular oral anabolic steroid. It has a mild nature and plays very important roles in a women’s life. Use of anabolic steroids by women poses some dangers since they can easily attack their femininity. However, Anavar is an ideal choice for women because its mild nature protects their femininity and gives them the results they desire.

Why Anavar is the safest steroid for women

Why Anavar Is the Safest Steroid for WomenAnavar has great anti-virilization effects. The major concern regarding the use of anabolic steroids female athletes if virilization. Virilization is known to bring masculine traits and degrading women’s femininity. Most anabolic steroids leave this effect which makes them unfit for any woman athlete who wishes to maintain her feminine nature. Some of the most common virilization effects include;

  • Clitoral enlargement
  • Deep male-sounding voice as it deepens the voice chords
  • Facial structures alternation, especially in the jaw and forehead regions
  • Growth of body hair
  • Hair loss on the frontal part of the head

When Anavar may cause virilization effects

Anavar has low androgenic activity which keeps virilization effects away. It is quite special, but only responsible use will keep all virilization effects at bay. Virilization becomes very hard to control when Anavar is taken on very high doses and taken for a period of over six weeks. Very few women show symptoms of virilization, but it is very rare and they can be reversed easily. Unlucky users who may experience virilization effects should not be worried. Instead, one should discontinue using anavar at once for the symptoms to fade away. Failure to stop the dosage when symptoms show makes the virilization persist and can easily cause unwanted permanent change.

Anavar dosage

The basic starting dosage of Anavar is usually 10 mg per day. Women who have never supplemented in the past should start with 10 mg per day, and there isn’t any reason why you should start higher. You will need to see the reaction of your body before using a higher dose. 15 mg per day is a good step if your body reacts positively to the 10 mg dosage and desires more. 20 mg per day should be your maximum dosage keeping in mind that most women don’t need a dosage of over 10 mg per day. 10 mg per day is very safe and it rarely brings any virilization effects. The risk of virilization increases with increase in Anavar dosage. Although Anavar is a mild steroid, dosage above 20 mg per day are higher for women and they can make virilization a very serious concern.

Duration of Anavar

Duration of 6 weeks is perfect for most women. 6-weeks are well tolerated in women using Anavar responsibly and reasonably. Some women may even be able to use Anavar for a longer period without experiencing any virilization, especially those on a dosage of 10 mg per day. It is highly recommended to discontinue the dosage after the sixth week and wait for at least 4 weeks before beginning the cycle again. Moreover, female athletes planning to use Anavar for a good part of the year are advised to plan a longer break of about 8-10 weeks to enhance safety.

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