A Closer Look at Trenbolone

Trenbolone is a very versatile steroid that works for almost all bodybuilding purposes. It is very powerful and it is known for rapid muscle gain and strength. Any person planning to use this steroid needs to understand the side effects and how the steroid works for optimal results. It is synthetic, injectable and produces a lot of mass gain and strength. The following is a close look at this powerful steroid.


A Closer Look at TrenboloneTrenbolone is highly androgenic. It has a very high androgen receptor binding which is about five times higher than that of testosterone. It doesn’t aromatize and it doesn’t have any estrogenic side effects. The steroid is highly anabolic which makes it excellent for keeping muscle mass and inhibiting cortisol production through glucocorticoid receptors. In addition, trenbolone helps in reducing fat through the mechanism of androgen receptor cell binding. The combination of all these benefits makes trenbolone a great choice for strength enhancement and cutting.

Side effects

The side effects of trenbolone are similar to those of a typical anabolic steroid. The major issue with trenbolone is dosage because it isn’t approved by the FDA. Also, the side effects of androgens are expected when using trenbolone because it is highly androgenic. The side effects are direct proportional to the dosage used and are quite stronger than those of ordinary steroids due to very high androgen levels. Some common side effects of trenbolone include androgenic effects, sweating at night due to increased perspiration, insomnia, acne and oily skin.

Why trenbolone is for experienced users

Women and beginners are not commended to use this steroid in their cycles. Only experienced users are recommended to use trenbolone. So, why is trenbolone for experienced users only? Advanced steroid users have the required knowledge and experience of their individual bodily responses. They know their susceptibility levels which help them make well-informed decision regarding the use this steroid.

Dosage and administration

Trenbolone shouldn’t be used in large or massive dosages by any means. There is even no need to use it on moderate dosages because it is five times stronger than testosterone. You only need very small dosages to achieve what you want. Beginners may do well with 50 mg every other day with a total of 200 mg per week. Intermediate dosages range from 75-100 mg every other day which is about 300-400 mg per week. The intermediate dosage produces very stunning changes in the body. There is no reason why a user may need to use dosage higher than the intermediate. Only very advanced casual users may venture into 400-600 mg per week and only very competitive and extreme professionals who may go beyond 600 mg a week.

Buying trenbolone

Trenbolone is available as an underground steroid in the black market for anabolic steroids. There are no pharmaceutical grade products of trenbolone that are approved by FDA. However, it is fairly cheap as it costs $60-$100 per 10 ml. Trenbolone is usually sold in concentrations of 75-100 mg/ml. Any person wishing to use this steroid should first seek full medical evaluation by a medical professional to ensure safety throughout the steroid cycle.


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