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How Do Tanning Tablets Give You a Tan?

So you want to get yourself a deep dark tan but don’t want to expose yourself to the sun’s UV rays or use any type of tanning lamp or tanning bed, but you just don’t know what your other options are.   Today, advancements in technology and research afford consumers a simple way of acquiring a deep dark tan.  One that is much safer and more effective than any other sun tanning method.


The industry offers a wide range of sunning tanning tablets that are every bit as safe and effective and certainly a simple way of acquiring and maintaining that perfect tan.  Though some tanning tablets can present with a tan that is orange in color, many afford users a thoroughly natural looking tan.  One of the best all round sun tanning tablets on the market today, and one that not only presents with a natural, glowing tan, but contains all natural ingredients as well as a variety of other health benefits, are Rio Tanning Tablets Rio Tan Tablets are fast becoming the most popular sun tanning tablet of choice by people across the globe.  The tablets have earned a spot at the top of the charts for their effective, all natural results and continue to be recognized in the industry today as one of the best tanning tablets available on the market today.  (Click here for more info ).

Added Benefits of Rio Tan Tablets

tanning-tabletsIn addition to providing users with a natural, glowing suntan all year round, and being as natural as they are safe, the Rio Tan Tablets offer a wide range of other health benefits as well.  To begin with research reveals that they are used as an anti-aging product.  In addition, they improve inflammation, can help with weight loss and are even said to protect against Alzheimer’s disease.  Certainly those consumers who purchase the Rio Tan Tablets are getting a spectacular value for the money.

Nowadays, though people tend to care more about their tanned bodies and their bronzed look than they do the serious risks of sun tanning, it is comforting to know that the industry does offer many sun tanning tablets that can be used in place of powerful and harmful UV rays from the sun, or from sun tanning lamps and beds.  It is a relief for many that they can simply take their tanning tablets each day and over time enjoy the beautiful, tanned look they have always longed for without any serious risks or side effects.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are one of the many people who don’t want to give up their tanned, sexy bodies, but are now, with all the proven risks that UV rays present with, want to find an effective but safer method for sun tanning, then surely sun tanning tablets are the right choice for you.  Statistics reveal that there is a high percentage of satisfied consumers that use the product today and that number seems to grow year after year.  If a tanned body without risks is what you want, then get yourself a supply of Rio Tan Tablets today and enjoy a beautiful, deep dark tanned body today and every day.

Tanning Pills Deliver a Perfect Sexy Summer Tan

People across the globe are committed to achieving that gorgeous summer tan when the hot summer months roll around.  There is a wide range of tanning products available on the market today that profess to help people of all ages acquire the perfect summer tan.  Some of these products, though proven to be highly dangerous and afford consumers many risks, are still purchased and used by so many people who have no regard at all for the very dangers and risks.

gorgeous summer tan

In addition, we all know how dangerous it is to focus your tanning efforts on sunbathing in the powerful and very dangerous UV rays of the sun.  It has been proven over and over again that the sun’s rays are remarkably harmful to the body and that they are accountable for the millions of skin cancer cases today.  Regardless of the endless studies and research, people still spend excessive hours basking in the summer sun in their efforts to achieve that perfect, deep dark tan.Tanning Pills

Spa Tanning Pills Are Safe and Effective

Studies have proven that the use of Spa Tanning Pills does not only present users with the tanning results they wish to achieve, but are also safe and even healthy since they are made up of all natural organic ingredients.  In addition, they provide users with a no fuss, no mess way of looking awesome and getting a beautiful golden colored tan. Further, studies have proven that the ingredients in Spa, Tanning pills can also contribute to weight loss since they contain a natural bulking agent that contributes to a “full feeling” taking away the appetite of many users as well.  These very same pills have also been proven to aid with digestive issues, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and can even provide some levels of protection against the formation of Alzheimers.

With all these additional benefits is there really any reason for people to use any other tanning product to achieve their golden summer tans.  Spa Tanning Pills are truly the best all round tanning pills and product on the market and are fast becoming one of the most sought after tanning products today.

The ingredients in Spa Tanning Pills have all been FDA approved and are both safe and effective which makes these pills that much more attractive to consumers and contribute to the reason why they are so in demand and often the chosen tanning product of choice by consumers of all ages.

Spa Tanning Pills for Your All Natural Tan

If you are determined to get that perfect summer time tan, want a year round tan, or just want a tanned body for that special occasion, then Spa Tanning Pills are the perfect product for you.  Put away your worries about harmful UV rays, the dangers of tanning beds and lamps, or those fake orange skin tones, and get your supply of Sun Tanning Pills today.  With the summer months now upon us, and certainly many a special event around the corner, the time is now to get your Sun Tanning Pills and enjoy a beautiful, safe and natural looking tan and be the envy of all your family and friends.

Why Anavar Is the Safest Steroid for Women

Oxandrolone or Anavar is a popular oral anabolic steroid. It has a mild nature and plays very important roles in a women’s life. Use of anabolic steroids by women poses some dangers since they can easily attack their femininity. However, Anavar is an ideal choice for women because its mild nature protects their femininity and gives them the results they desire.

Why Anavar is the safest steroid for women

Why Anavar Is the Safest Steroid for WomenAnavar has great anti-virilization effects. The major concern regarding the use of anabolic steroids female athletes if virilization. Virilization is known to bring masculine traits and degrading women’s femininity. Most anabolic steroids leave this effect which makes them unfit for any woman athlete who wishes to maintain her feminine nature. Some of the most common virilization effects include;

  • Clitoral enlargement
  • Deep male-sounding voice as it deepens the voice chords
  • Facial structures alternation, especially in the jaw and forehead regions
  • Growth of body hair
  • Hair loss on the frontal part of the head

When Anavar may cause virilization effects

Anavar has low androgenic activity which keeps virilization effects away. It is quite special, but only responsible use will keep all virilization effects at bay. Virilization becomes very hard to control when Anavar is taken on very high doses and taken for a period of over six weeks. Very few women show symptoms of virilization, but it is very rare and they can be reversed easily. Unlucky users who may experience virilization effects should not be worried. Instead, one should discontinue using anavar at once for the symptoms to fade away. Failure to stop the dosage when symptoms show makes the virilization persist and can easily cause unwanted permanent change.

Anavar dosage

The basic starting dosage of Anavar is usually 10 mg per day. Women who have never supplemented in the past should start with 10 mg per day, and there isn’t any reason why you should start higher. You will need to see the reaction of your body before using a higher dose. 15 mg per day is a good step if your body reacts positively to the 10 mg dosage and desires more. 20 mg per day should be your maximum dosage keeping in mind that most women don’t need a dosage of over 10 mg per day. 10 mg per day is very safe and it rarely brings any virilization effects. The risk of virilization increases with increase in Anavar dosage. Although Anavar is a mild steroid, dosage above 20 mg per day are higher for women and they can make virilization a very serious concern.

Duration of Anavar

Duration of 6 weeks is perfect for most women. 6-weeks are well tolerated in women using Anavar responsibly and reasonably. Some women may even be able to use Anavar for a longer period without experiencing any virilization, especially those on a dosage of 10 mg per day. It is highly recommended to discontinue the dosage after the sixth week and wait for at least 4 weeks before beginning the cycle again. Moreover, female athletes planning to use Anavar for a good part of the year are advised to plan a longer break of about 8-10 weeks to enhance safety.

Steroids Cause Hair Loss in Some Individuals

Hair loss experts and physicians believe that male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is caused by dihydrotestosterone or DHT and other hormonal factors. Hair loss occurs when DHT gets attached to hair follicles that are not genetically prepared and modified to withstand high levels of DHT. This weakens and destroys the affected hair follicles leading to hair loss. Only people who are genetically prone to hair loss will experience hair loss caused by steroids. This means individuals who are not prone to male pattern baldness should not be worried about hair loss when on a steroid cycle.

Steroids that cause hair loss

Steroids Cause Hair Loss in Some IndividualsThere are some steroids that are known for causing and accelerating hair loss in men. Androgenic compounds usually cause DHT side effects which include accelerated genetic male pattern baldness. Steroids with androgenic compounds should be avoided especially if you are genetically prone to male pattern baldness and concerned about hair loss. Most common steroids are DHT based implying they have a possibility of causing genetic hair loss. Steroids with higher androgenic rating have higher possibility of causing hair loss than those with a lower rating.

Steroids with high possibility of causing hair loss include Trenbolone, Winstrol (Stanozol), Anavar (Oxandrolone), Anadrol (Oxymetholone), Proviron (Mesterolone), Masteron, Primobolan (Methenolone), Masteron and Trenbolone. There are other steroids that are less likely to cause hair loss. They include Boldenone (Equipoise), Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanote), Turinabol, Nandrone Phenyl-propionate (NPP) and Testosterone.

Why do steroids lead to hair loss is some individuals?

Steroids Cause Hair Loss Physical activities and weight lifting doesn’t cause or accelerate hair loss. All-natural exercises enhance blood circulation which keeps the scalp and hair in prime condition. Bodybuilding steroids have been linked to baldness for a long time by hair loss experts. The science behind this is simple and it tries to explain the relation between steroids, DHT and hair loss. Most steroids optimize and utilize natural levels of testosterone to create DHT. Steroids increase the levels of androgens in the body which implies production of more DHT. Subsequently, a cycle of accumulation of DHT begins which speeds up hair loss, particularly in men with pre-existing condition of genetic hair loss.

Preventing steroid related hair loss

Steroid users need to lower the existing levels of DHT circulating in the body to prevent steroids-related hair loss. There are many treatment options that you may use to block DHT from attaching to hair follicles prone to prevent hair loss. However, this is tricky for steroid users because their DHT levels are usually very high during the steroid cycles. Some of the treatments that you may use to control this effect include Minoxidil, Proscar, N2Shampoo, Azelex, Dutasteride and Finasteride.

Knowing the possible side effects of steroids in your cycle is very important. It is good to understand the problems that may arise and the available treatment methods. It is appropriate to take extra care when opting for any steroid, especially if you are concerned about hair loss. Always proceed with caution and be ready to search widely before using any steroid in for your cycle.

Best Steroid Cycles for Beginners

A steroid cycle is the period where a bodybuilder uses AAS or Anabolic Androgenic Steroids. Each cycle usually lasts for 4-14 weeks depending on the anabolic compound used, experience and goals of the user. It is very important for any person wishing to begin a steroid cycle to do a thorough research about the steroids, side effects, PCT and risks so as to make a better decision. The following is a close look at things that you should bear in mind when looking for the best steroid cycles for beginners.

Best steroids for beginner steroid cycles

The most common anabolic steroid used for the first cycle is testosterone. It is usually the base of many cycles regardless of how advanced you become. Quality beginner cycles may include other steroids such as Dianabol and Winstrol once the testosterone cycle is complete. It is also normal to find a beginner cycle with testosterone only.

Type of testosterone to use

The steroid cycles for beginners work best when one ester testosterone is used. Any form of an ester testosterone such as testosterone-propionate, testosterone-enanthate and testosterone-cypionate can be used. Testosterone-propionate needs to be injected daily while the other two needs two injections per week. The injections are equal dosing in all case. A single ester testosterone is preferred because it is very easy to control and it is the basic base that you need regardless of how advanced your cycles become.

Dosage and duration

A well-planned testosterone cycle should include 400-500 mg of testosterone per week. Eight weeks are usually the standard minimal time for the first cycle with an optimal time of twelve weeks. Ten weeks are the recommended time although 12 weeks may be reasonable for beginners who want to get carried away with performance enhancement. Eight weeks are ideal for beginners who want to see how their body will react to the testosterone. It is good to be patient so as to save longer cycles for later cycles.

Protection from side –effects

The most common side effects that you should be concerned about are water retention and gynecomastia. You can combat these issues by using Aromatase inhibitors such as Letrozole and Arimidex. A daily dosage of 0.5 mg of the inhibitors works effectively, although you may need to increase the dosage to 1 mg, especially if gynecomastia becomes an issue.

Supplementing with HGH

Human growth hormone is the safest performance enhancer even though it is not a steroid. It is not necessary to use it during the first cycle but is will not hurt if you include it. The only shortcoming is that you may have to use the HGH for a longer time to reap great rewards. For instance, it has a minimal time frame of 16 weeks.

Beginner steroid cycle can be very difficult to understand. It can even get complicated if the individual has very little understanding of hormones and what they will be going through the cycle. The good thing is that you can enjoy the cycle even if you are newbie. All you need to do keep the above considerations in mind so as to avoid common beginner steroid cycle mistakes.

A Closer Look at Trenbolone

Trenbolone is a very versatile steroid that works for almost all bodybuilding purposes. It is very powerful and it is known for rapid muscle gain and strength. Any person planning to use this steroid needs to understand the side effects and how the steroid works for optimal results. It is synthetic, injectable and produces a lot of mass gain and strength. The following is a close look at this powerful steroid.


A Closer Look at TrenboloneTrenbolone is highly androgenic. It has a very high androgen receptor binding which is about five times higher than that of testosterone. It doesn’t aromatize and it doesn’t have any estrogenic side effects. The steroid is highly anabolic which makes it excellent for keeping muscle mass and inhibiting cortisol production through glucocorticoid receptors. In addition, trenbolone helps in reducing fat through the mechanism of androgen receptor cell binding. The combination of all these benefits makes trenbolone a great choice for strength enhancement and cutting.

Side effects

The side effects of trenbolone are similar to those of a typical anabolic steroid. The major issue with trenbolone is dosage because it isn’t approved by the FDA. Also, the side effects of androgens are expected when using trenbolone because it is highly androgenic. The side effects are direct proportional to the dosage used and are quite stronger than those of ordinary steroids due to very high androgen levels. Some common side effects of trenbolone include androgenic effects, sweating at night due to increased perspiration, insomnia, acne and oily skin.

Why trenbolone is for experienced users

Women and beginners are not commended to use this steroid in their cycles. Only experienced users are recommended to use trenbolone. So, why is trenbolone for experienced users only? Advanced steroid users have the required knowledge and experience of their individual bodily responses. They know their susceptibility levels which help them make well-informed decision regarding the use this steroid.

Dosage and administration

Trenbolone shouldn’t be used in large or massive dosages by any means. There is even no need to use it on moderate dosages because it is five times stronger than testosterone. You only need very small dosages to achieve what you want. Beginners may do well with 50 mg every other day with a total of 200 mg per week. Intermediate dosages range from 75-100 mg every other day which is about 300-400 mg per week. The intermediate dosage produces very stunning changes in the body. There is no reason why a user may need to use dosage higher than the intermediate. Only very advanced casual users may venture into 400-600 mg per week and only very competitive and extreme professionals who may go beyond 600 mg a week.

Buying trenbolone

Trenbolone is available as an underground steroid in the black market for anabolic steroids. There are no pharmaceutical grade products of trenbolone that are approved by FDA. However, it is fairly cheap as it costs $60-$100 per 10 ml. Trenbolone is usually sold in concentrations of 75-100 mg/ml. Any person wishing to use this steroid should first seek full medical evaluation by a medical professional to ensure safety throughout the steroid cycle.


A Closer Look at PCT (post cycle therapy)

The natural hormone levels are affected when supplementing the body with androgenic steroids. Most steroids suppress the natural production of testosterone in the body, and they can increase estrogen levels beyond the healthy range. Progesterone and estrogen can be controlled by proper supplementation during the cycle but the suppression of testosterone remains. The testosterone levels are in suppressed mode even after completing the steroid cycle. Subsequently, it is recommended to stimulate the natural production of testosterone after a steroid cycle through a Post Cycle Therapy or PCT.

Why a PCT is important to complete a steroid cycle


Testosterone and anabolic steroids make the body retain more nitrogen and utilize protein ingestion to create muscle mass. However, there is negative feedback cycle of testosterone at the end of the cycle which controls hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis or HPTA. Taking steroids breaks the nature cycle of testosterone production because steroids androgen and testosterone levels are much higher during the steroids cycle. This means the pituitary gland stops producing testosterone during the steroids cycle because all androgens are applied externally. Problems set in after the cycle because pituitary needs signal and conditioning to begin the internal production of androgen after the cycle. The conditioning time is known as lag time and it can be catabolic. It can even make the athlete lose what he had gained during the cycle.

How PCT works

A post Cycle Therapy consists of correct supplements which are used in two phases. The first phase boosts the levels of testosterone in the body while the other controls estrogen levels in the body. The latter is essential because body enzymes tend to aromatize the testosterone into estrogen. The drugs used in the PCT bring back the normal functioning and size of the testes if they were affected after the steroids cycle. After this, the pituitary gland and hypothalamus are blocked from influence due to estrogen which can inhibit the normal production of testosterone. The therapy is stopped when testosterone is produced spontaneously to allow the normal functioning of the body to take cover.


A Closer Look at PCTAnyone on a steroids cycle shouldn’t expect PCT to return their testosterone levels to their original levels miraculously. It may take time before the HPTA repairs completely. Moreover, it is good to remember that post cycle therapy can’t repair HPTA that is damaged beyond repair. It is always good to follow the steroid cycle responsibly, because it is the only way to make your PCT beneficial.

When to implement a PCT

It is recommended to begin the PCT when you are have completely finished your steroids cycle and not using any anabolic drug. Also, PCT is effective when planning to stay out of the steroid cycle for over 12 weeks exclusive of the PCT period.

The amount of planning needed before you begin a steroid cycle should also be applied when finishing the steroid cycle. Having a clear understanding of the PCT is essential because it prepares and helps your body to adjust after the cycle. Be sure to follow the steroid cycle responsibly and begin the PCT on time for optimal results.